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An opera is comprised of many elements. Solos, ensembles, choirs, and orchestras make up the musical element while back drops, costumes, props, and makeup encompass the elements of art. The theatrical elements include scripts, actors, and the stage. Organization of the different elements, production needs along with the previously mentioned elements combined constitute, as a whole, a work of art. An opera that is staged by university students is called a "university opera." Although university operas are not high-budget productions and do not require hours of hard work and dedication, it is important for students to understand and learn what goes on behind the scenes. The main goal of the Opera Institute is to enhance the level of university operas and their study, thus raising the level of opera in the professional world.

After the founding of the Opera Institute, an operatic performance has taken place every two years with commendable reviews. These performances show what is required in order to put on a successful production. Up to now, there has been about one hundred productions. Many of these operas are performed in rural and other areas, where operas are rarely staged in order to popularize opera.

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