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Welcome to College of Music Seoul National University

The College of Music was founded in December of 1945 by the late Dr. Jemyung Hyun and was named the Kyung Sung School of Music. In August 1946, the School was reorganized and included into the Music Department of Seoul National University’s School of Art. In 1953, the school was once again revamped and became known as what we have to day, Seoul National University College of Music.

In the beginning, vocal music, composition, and instrumental music were the only majors offered. Beginning in 1959, Korean traditional music was offered as a major. From there, the area of traditional music branched out into three more areas: instrumental performance, composition, and music theory. In 1981, the composition major branched out into more indepth studies of theory and composition. On the other hand, Instrumental music branched out and the studies of piano, strings, and wood-wind were established as separate majors in 1982. In 1984, the study of Korean traditional music expanded by offering a major in vocal performance. Every facet of music is studied at Seoul National University College of Music. Owing to its eminently qualified professors and excellent students, the College of Music has become the center of music education in Korea.


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