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 Shinuh Lee  

 Professor, Associate Dean | 82-880-7996 | |


     Shinuh Lee(1969~) graduated from SNU College of Music and from the Royal Academy of Music, additionally receiving an M.Mus and D.Mus from the University of London and Sussex University respectively. She was appointed as a Professor of composition at the College of Music, Seoul National University. She has taught composition and music analysis and has worked as a music director for STUDIO2021 since 2003.
     After her orchestral piece 《Psalm 20》, her musical goal transitioned from the acoustic, phenomenal tendency of modern European music to humanitarian and religious themes such as the human mind, spirit, sin and salvation.
     Her representative works include the orchestral piece 《Psalm 20》, Violin Concerto《Invisible Hand》(2000/2002), Piano Concerto 《Song of Joy》(2001/2003), 《An Open Door for strings》(2004), 《Choral Fantasy No.1-3 for piano》(2007/2009/2013), 《Lament for clarinet and string quartet》(2011), 《Laudate Dominum for violin and piano》(2006), 《Psalm Sonata for violin and piano》(2011/2013) and 《Psalm Cantata for mixed choir and orchestra》(2015-6).
     She won the Royal Philharmonic Society Prize, Musical Times Composers’ Competition, Leonard Bernstein International Jerusalem Composing Competition, Cornelius Cardew Composition Prize, Gaudeamus International Composers’ Competition consecutively and the ISCM World Music Days. In Korea, she won the AhnIckTae Composition Prize , Korean Race Composition Award, Nampa Music Award, Young Artist Today Award from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.


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