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Yoonjeong Heo

 Assistant Professor | 82-880-2539 |


YoonJeong Heo, geomungo performer, composer and professor is active as a soloist who cuts across various genres, expanding the possibilities of geomungo and Korean music by grafting together different genres that include traditional music, impromptu music, and contemporary music. She has had impromptu performances with artists at the "Voice of Asia -Free Music Festival," concert tours in Germany, England, France, United States, China, Japan, Poland and other countries. For example, she has numerous big stage performance experiences, such as the duo concert with the renowned German composer/performer Stephan Micus; solo concerts with San Jose Chamber Orchestra, KBS Gugak Orchestra, and the celebration concerts for the 120th anniversary of Korea-France relations.
She received the Ministry of Culture prize in 1986, the “Most Cultural Prize" in the field of Korean Traditional Music sponsored by the 1996 Year of Cultural Organization Committee and a fellowship from the Asian Cultural Council, which is supporting her 2007-2008 residency in New York City. She is a art director of Bukchon Changwoo Theather and the leader of world music ensemble ‘Black String’.



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