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 Suk Won YI

 Professor, Chair(Music Theory Major) | 82-880-7954 |


   Suk Won Yi is Professor and Chair of Musicology at Seoul National University, where he has been teaching musicology and music cognition since 1990. He received his Ph.D. in Musicology at University of California, Los Angeles in 1989 and was a founding member of International Society for Music Perception and Cognition established in the same year. He has been active in the international community by presenting papers, delivering key-note speeches and invited lectures, refereeing papers, and chairing sessions in Europe, North America and Oceania as well as in Asia. In 1996, he was elected as the Chair of the 5th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition, which was held in Seoul in 1998 under his directorship. Yi authored, co-authored, and edited numerous books on various topics in Musicology and Music Theory, many of which were awarded as "The Prominent Academic Book of the Year" by the Korean Ministry of Culture and The National Academy of Sciences. He served as President of APSCOM, the Asia-Pacific Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music and a President of The Musicological Society of Korea. In 2009, Yi founded Musica Humana, an international musicological journal based in East Asia. In 2011, he founded the East Asian Regional Association of the International Musicological Society (IMS); at the IMS General Assembly in Rome in the following year he was elected director-at-large of the IMS. 



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