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 Jeong-eun Seo  

 Associate Professor | 82-880-7937 |


    Associate Professor of music theory at Seoul National University. Seo studied composition and music theory at Seoul National University, Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Freiburg, and the University of Sussex. She received a PhD degree in Musicology from Seoul National University with the thesis “Concepts of Repetition in Music, and Functions of Repetition in Producing Structural Coherence in Atonal Music”. Her research fields include theory, analysis, history and aesthetics of contemporary Western and Korean music.
Selected Publications: Composers in Transition Periods: Toward a New Art, Harmonic Theory and Analysis: Riemann and Post-Riemann Functional Theory Revisited, “Contrapuntal Texture in 20th-century Music”, “A Music-historical and Aesthetic Interpretation of Helmut Lachenmann’s musique concrète instrumentale”, “Interpretational Involvement of Performers in 20th-century Music with Indeterminate Elements”, “Coexistence and Counterpoint of Two Musical Dimensions through Hidden Quotation”, “Unsuk Chin’s musical language: Abstraction and Recontextualization”, “Ambiguity of Chopin’s Harmonic Vocabulary: Mazurka Op. 17/4”, “Sound Unseen or Sound Seen: Dis-acousmatic Meanings of Helmut Lachenmann’s musique concrète instrumentale”.


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