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Western Music Research Institute

The Western Music Research Institute was established in 1989. It's primary aim is to help develop Western music in Korea by researching all fields of musicology. Accordingly, the Institute holds conferences, symposiums, academic lectures, exhibitions and workshops. Educational activities and programs related to music, including training teachers and reeducating music leaders, are also actively pursued. It seeks to share the fruits of its research with the general public by holding academic-industrial cooperative research projects with social and public organizations, such as broadcast networks, the press, and educational organizations. By conducting theoretical research activities in musicology and by organizing seminars and research concerts with players and composers, the Iinstitute hopes to contribute to the development of the performing arts. By collecting and organizing research results, it plans to publish a periodical journal as well as books, and other publications.

Development of Educational Programs

From the start of the millennium, the aim of the Western Music Research Institute has been the presentation of a new direction for educating students. The Iinstitute has been examining the methods by which students are being taught and developing new approaches. Professors from different fields and music education specialists gather to attend an open symposium. A meeting for discussing the textbooks used in the classroom is held in addition to a committee for the development of educational programs, both of which are designed to develop new music education programs and textbooks.


The Western Music Research Institute publishes a variety of resources. The publications can be categorized into three sections as shown below.

음대 서양음악연구소이미지1

Music Theory Research

A periodical journal is published once a year which contains a dissertation with varied information on the different aspects of musicology.

음대 서양음악연구소이미지2

Institute Series

This separate publication features a more in-depth look into musicology
- Korean, Chinese, Japanese Modern Music History / Music Aesthetics / Music * Mind * Science / 20th Century Composer Research I, II, III

음대 서양음악연구소이미지3

Volume of Dissertations

A national and international symposium on dissertations is held and the most outstanding theses are chosen and published in this volume.


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