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[International Admission] Fall 2023 Undergraduate & Graduate Guide on Submission of Records of Achievement / 2023 후기 글로벌인재특별전형 학사, 대학원 성과물 제출 곡목 안내
2023학년도 후기 글로벌인재특별전형 음악대학 학부, 대학원 성과물 제출 곡목 및 서약서를 붙임과 같이 첨부하오니 확인하시기 바랍니다.

● 제출기한: 2023. 3. 2.(목) 10:00 ~ 2023. 3. 8.(수) 17:00 
● 제출처: (08826) 서울특별시 관악구 관악로1 54동 107호 교무행정실

○ 2023 후기 글로벌인재특별전형 학사신입학 모집안내 바로가기:
○ 2023 후기 글로벌인재특별전형 대학원 모집안내 바로가기:기


Please check the attachment for submission of Records of Achievement. It is for the applicant who wants to apply for the College of Music.

● Date: 2023. 3. 2.(Thu) 10:00 ~ 2023. 3. 8.(Wed) 17:00

Portfolios must be submitted to the College of Music,
Not to SNU Admission office.

● Address:
College of Music
Room 107, Building 54
 1 Gwanakro, Gwanakgu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
[zip] 08826

○ Fall 2023 Undergraduate Admissons Guide for International Students:
○ Fall 2023 Graduate Admissions Guide for International Students:


**Doctoral course applicant those who works as a faculty member at major university of developing countries, SNU offers SPF Scholarship. For further information, please contact to (Ms. Sunny Choi), before your on-line application.


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